Friday, November 14, 2008

Bio Terrorism

Can you imagine Warsaw under bio terrorist attack?

The artist Robert B. Lisek made exactly this. He applied the technique of molecular biology by analyzingthe most fundamental process in the nature - selfreplication that means exponential grow and spreading of structures. He especially focus on DNA selfreplication.
As result of his research in conjunction with Molecular Biology Lab at Wroclaw University he generated the new gender of the bacterium E-coli [1XkZF no name yet],that quickly spreads in the water.

He also prepared a map/graph that represent the best way to infect Warsaw city. The map provides an understanding of how ‘pathogens’ (in this case the artist’s E-coli bacteria) spread and the connections between multiple biological and communicative networks. In graphic terms, a narrative of bacterial infection demonstrates how easily new dangerous bacteria strands can be grown and how quickly they might spread in a metropolis such as Warsaw.

This radical project in which author deals with genes hacking, DNA self-replication and shows scenario of bioterrorism attack of Warsaw will be presented as installation and exhibition of graphs/maps in the Leto Gallery.

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and text by Joasia Krysa & Geoff Cox


Robert B. Lisek

self-replication of pathogen

curators: Joasia Krysa & Geoff Cox

exhibition: 17.10 - 13.11. 2008

LETO Gallery
ul. Hoża 9c
00-528 Warszawa
022 499 59 16, 0501 696 440,

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