Wednesday, June 6, 2007

People in Saarbrücken (border between Germany and France)

All these people I meet in Saarbrücken during the virtual residency exhibition. It was a great time and I felt really among friends.

Frank and Birte having a conversation.

Me and Maria. She is very nice, i was sorry that my german is so bad...

Me and Leslie. She was one of the curators of the virtual residency exhibition

This is Gosha. She is a polish artist and makes amazing objects. I promise that I will post the works later.

Stephan, me and Birte. It was a great pleasure meet these people.

Me and Efrat. She is from Israel and makes sculptures and performance. She is VERY cool.

Me and Francisco Camacho. He is from COoombia but lives in France where studies fine arts. He made a performance where he will live during the exhibition in a room.

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