Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smart textile @ crosslab (Rotterdam)

Yesterday I have been in Crosslab in Rotterdam for a talk about fashion and technology.

There were presentations of some projects in a DIY craft style (very hype nowadays). I liked very much the presentation of Meg Grant, who did a very nice and simple top with leds called " See-thru-me.

Another presentation, not so exciting was the Dutch/American artist Annet Couwenberg. For almost 3 months she worked together with Marisol Trowbridge and students on an interactive (textile) art piece. Point of departure were conversations (sewing sessions) with Turkish migrant women. Via this special form of dialogue they talked about themes like fashion, politics, hope, beauty and cultural diversity. Though the theme is relevant, specially in Netherlands, She felt in lots of cliches concerning the duch and islam culture. The project was not clear and the output not so interesting. Well.... I admire her enthusiasm but maybe in the next time. This work did not touch me ;-(

Another presentation was a livingroom made by students that created several non convencional switches that turned on several strange electronic devices. Funny, but I again missed the point ;-(

see-thru-me from Sneaker Peet on Vimeo.

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