Tuesday, June 16, 2009

enGage ludiCity


Los Angeles

enGage ludiCity
by REMAP for Photocartographies @ g727
a module of Remapping-LA

A situationist-inspired participative experience/performance
using mobile technology for collective exploration and dialogue
about Los Angeles, its psychogeography and its historicity.
June 15 to June 19 - personal disruptive ludic actions

Re-envision the city through playful actions.
Disrupt habitual patterns and generate significant situations.
Transform the common and obvious into extraordinary and interesting.
Create maps of the city based on creativity, play and discovery.
Re-label the city with a language of personal experience.
Have fun.
Participate by registering to use the Situationist Messaging System (SMS)
Based on your registration profile our Situationist Messaging System will
suggest (through SMS) periodic random ludic (playful) actions and request
The information sent about the participants' ludic actions will generate an
emergent experiential map of Los Angeles posted every couple of hours
at http://la.remap.ucla.edu/ludicity
June 20 - collective situationist ludic engagement
Daylight Engagement: 4pm to 6:30pm
Night Engagement: 9:30pm to 12midnight
at "Photocartographies/g727, 727 Spring Street, Downtown LA
Join participants to engage downtown LA through the maps and directions
created through playful actions (described above).
Explore color, texture, shape, and function in the urban geography.
Re-label physical space with the collective language of personal experience.
Re-define the city's purpose by turning it into an open library, archive, and stage.
Create trails of images, sounds and text for future reflexion.
Have lots of fun.
Participation in "personal disruptive ludic actions" is recommended but not
required to join the "collective situationist ludic engagements".
An mobile technology automatic documentation system will be used to
generate a multi-perspective representation of the experience.
June 20 - situationist D&D (dialogue and drinking)
7pm to 9pm at "Photocartographies/g727, 727 Spring Street, Downtown LA
A stimulating dialogue about the situationist frameworks, situationist action,
situationist technology and their relevance to Los Angeles.
Created by the Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance
School of Theater, Film & Television and Henry Samueli School of Engineering
A Cultural Civic Computing System by
Fabian Wagmister & Jeff Burke
Photocartographies Curators
Adam Katz & Brian Rosa
g727 Co-Founders
Adrian Rivas & James Rojas

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