Saturday, April 11, 2009

THe Flying Grass Carpet

The Flying Grass Carpet is a mobile park that travels the world. Last year the Flying Grass Carpet started its journey in Amsterdam, went to Aachen and lay in full size in Rotterdam. This year the flight continues.

And we would like you to participate in our adventure.

Everyone with a great idea for a game or gadget that can be played on or is inspired by the Flying Grass Carpet is invited to enter our competition. The winning designs will travel with us. The Flying Grass Carpet is going to exciting cities and art/design festivals all over the world.

Send an A3 in pdf with your idea or design before the 30th of April to and maybe your design will be played with by thousands of people around the world.

Next destination of the Flying Grass Carpet is the international designfestival DMY Berlin 3-7 June 2009.

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