Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dorkbot Linz

My friend Mika is organizing a Dorkbot meeting in Linz on 26th February at Rotter Krebs 1st floor from 20:00-.
Dorkbot is a meeting that lets "people doing strange things with electricity" meet each other.
(The Dorkbot Linz website is not renewed yet, but will be coming up soon.)

Now we are seeking for people who wants to present their "strange things with electricity" projects at the meeting.
The presentation will be for 10 min, and if possible, will be also nice to let people touch/try/demonstrate it.

So, if you have a project, cool hacking tricks, or something to show, please join us!
prototypes are also welcomed!

contact her at

And also if you do not have a project to show now, but interested in others, join us for the meeting at Rotter Krebs on 26th!

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