Friday, March 7, 2008


WiFisense is a wearable object - a purse - that scans for the presence of WiFi (802.11) networks wherever you go. It detects the networks' signal strength and whether they are password protected. When WiFisense finds a network, it uses patterns of light to announce its availability, quality and accessibility.

On a regular walk through the city you pass through many wireless networks. Some of these networks are open and available for anyone to use. As someone on the go, with a mobile lifestyle and a laptop, it could be useful to know when you are in the presence of such networks.

Instead of detecting networks by stumbling over your laptop or relying on warchalking affecionados and wardrivers, WiFisense is a wearable scanner for wireless networks. Take advantage of the ubiquity of an emerging technology and use it to augment your daily life through ambient perception of computing.

ISEA 2004
Invited participant,International Symposium of Electronic Art 2004, Estonia.

UBIComp 2003
Paper presented at Ubiquitous Computing Conference 2003, Washington.

ITP Spring Show 2003
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring 2003 Show, New York.

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